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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Christmas at Paradox

Festive greetings from Paradox Island...

Christmas has arrived, check out 'The North Pole' on the TARDIS lift for this and all the following locations.

The Under Gallery has been added, watchout for a surprise down below..

The Spaceport has returned once more for your enjoyment.

 And finally here's a couple of shots of an alternative 3rd Doctor and his companion.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Latest from Paradox, cash givaways for July

A new group feature has arrived, the Group Activity BOOSTER (GAB), regular codes to claim random amount cash prizes are now sent to the Paradox Island group in chat, just copy the code, go to the GAB machine and click it to enter the code,  if you are amongst the first three to do so the cash is yours, so join the group now to take part.

Also we have The Automatic Employment Machine (A.E.M) , which pays you to do meanial tasks around the island, click it to register and get your job location.

Plus a daily 7Seas fishing contest starting at 9am SL Time is also now up and running for cash prizes.